Request An Estimate

You can request an estimate for your laptop repair, notebook repair, screen repair, lcd replacement. A rma # will also be generated to track youre laptop once we have received it in our facility.  Please use the contact us form to submit your details, including Manufacturer, Model, Serial Number and Problem Description.

Warranty Repair Service Notes:

Standard Hardware Failure: If your unit is under a manufacturer’s warranty, the manufacturer covers the repair costs.
NOTE: Most batteries only have 1 year warranty.

Software Failure: All software issues are chargable at the hourly rate and are NOT covered under any warranty. This includes backup of any data. This is the responsibility of the end user!!!

Not Covered by Manufacturer’s warranty: Faded/Missing Keys, Rubber feet, Cosmetics and Battery Wear and Tear etc.

Damaged Hardware: All Damaged or Broken parts will be quoted, unless you have a Damage Protection Warranty!

Damaged hardware consists of: Cracked/Broken Plastics/Electronics, Spills etc.

Non-Warranty Service Notes:

All non warranty service will be quoted. A Diagnostics fee of $50 will be charged for all Declined Diagnostics. If you proceed with the repair, you will be charged at a rate of $95/hour plus parts and the Diagnostic Fee will be waived. Most replaced parts repaired come with a 90 day warranty. If the machine is under warranty and there is non-warrantable damage, you MUST replace the damaged parts with original parts from the manufacturer to maintain your warranty.

Onsite Service is charged at a rate of $95 for GTA area locations and $150 for any location beyond.
Server Service is $120/hour plus travel as stated above.

MIAD is in no way responsible for your data, as it is the end users responsibility to make sure they have backed up ALL data residing on their computer. Replaced parts remain the property of MIAD INFORMATION SYSTEMS LTD until such time as the invoice for these repairs has been paid in full.

MIAD accepts the following forms of Payment: VISA, Mastercard, CASH, Lease*, Certified Cheque.