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Apple Authorized iPhone Repair Service in Toronto and Markham

iPhone Repair Service Your phone is an essential part of both your personal and professional life. It connects you to people in your life, it holds valuable information and memories, it keeps you organized through life’s hectic schedule and it even provides entertainment when you’re bored. Let’s face it, bad things can happen to your iPhone, whether it be a ...

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Apple Data Recovery Services

Apple Data Recovery Services – Restore Deleted, Lost, Corrupt or Damaged Data From Your  MacBook, iPhone, iPad and iPod Your data is important and may even be invaluable. When your Apple device’s hard drive crashes you can instantly lose projects, important files needed for work, pictures, contacts, messages, videos and many other things essential to your personal and professional life. ...

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Apple Authorized Repair Service Markham

Finding an Apple Authorized Repair Service in Markham and How They Can Help At MIAD Information Systems Ltd., we are a Markham Apple Authorized Repair Service. This means that MIAD is authorized by Apple to repair almost all electronics with the Apple brand, such as iPhones and MacBooks. You will have the peace of mind knowing that all our Apple ...

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iPhone 6s Program for Unexpected Shutdown Issues

November 30, 2016 Read full article here: How to Determine if Your iPhone 6s is Eligible for a Free Battery Replacement A weakening phone battery is something that all smartphone users will need to deal with at some point during their phone’s lifespan. For some iPhone owners, this issue is the subject of a free battery offer from Apple. News ...

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